Art Of The Sword

Sword Master : James Fell
Certified Sword Fighting Instructor
817 909 3310

I started to love sword fighting while watching old movies in the 50's and 60's, then in 1967, I was introduced to the Katana, Samuari sword. During my years at the Japan Karate Association, I received personal katana instruction and was exposed to many sword demonstrations, and shows.

I continued to learn different sword techniques from movies, and personal instruction from many individuals. I learned to use the Rapier and Saber, Cutlass, broad sword and long sword. I loved going to antique shops and buying old swords I could find there. I always loved to go to medival fairs and shows of different cultures to find what kind of swords they may have there and sword fighting shows and demonstrations.

With the new technology of VHS and DVD movies and training videos, along with the internet, YouTube, and social media, I greatly expanded my training and exposure to all types of sword fighting,

In my search for Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do and Wing Chun Chinese Martal Arts, I was exposed to Philipine Martial Arts Swords and Chinese Martial Arts Swords. I have been training and received instruction from individuals in all the sword arts I've been exposed to and have had many students.

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Art Of The Sword Art Of The Sword